No Hidden Fees Ever!

At Verne's of Antigo, we strongly believe that being honest and up-front is the ONLY way to do business. We do this by eliminating dealer fees and providing flat prices for every unit we sell. That's why you will NEVER see a documentation fee, setup fee, destination fee, transportation fee, or any other CRAZY fee on a vehicle from Verne's of Antigo.

Some dealers even claim to be "no fees" but still charge a "destination charge". They say "Well, every dealer has to pay a destination charge!" That's true to a point, but those dealers won't tell you that the destination charge is already included in the dealer invoice. So the only thing the other dealers are trying to do is to make you pay double for nothing.

We at Verne's of Antigo can be crystal clear with our customers on what they are paying before they even visit the store! You just pay for the vehicle, and applicable tax, title, and registration, as required by the law. That's it!

Some dealers are currently charging fees totaling as high as $1300.00! Don't be duped. Tell them to match our out-the-door pricing (which would then raise the question - why aren't they giving you the best price right away - they were going to charge you too much unless you found a better deal.....sure makes a person wonder), or just save yourself the trouble and come deal with the honest and up front staff at Verne's of Antigo.